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Delapre Abbey School of Magic.

Be thankful

In these unprecedented times, here at Delapré Abbey, we are choosing to look back on our first 2 years of being open, and we’re feeling very thankful for everything that has been achieved so far…

We are thankful for all the support and generosity of our friends, neighbours, and stakeholders who helped us through the restoration period and continue to promote us now.

We are thankful for our committed staff and amazing volunteer team – who are still continuing to help drive the Abbey forwards.

Photo: Profound Image UK

We are thankful for a brilliant and historic building that gives us so many possible stories and tales to share.

We are thankful for The Orangery catering team who provide delicious meals and snacks for everyone to enjoy.

And we are thankful for you – our visitors! Whether you’ve been to experience the Abbey on a tour, purchased an annual pass, taken part in our school holiday events like Delapré by the Sea, or attended a wedding or party celebration (to name but a few) – we couldn’t be more pleased that you’ve chosen to make memories here with us!

Cannon Being Fired at an Historical Event at Delapré Abbey
History Alive! 2019. Photo: Purple Cat Photography

We look forward to continuing to be able to share Delapré Abbey with you in coming years!