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Delapré Abbey to host Men’s Reset Day: breaking the stigma of men’s mental health

On Saturday 6th July, Delapré Abbey will host “MeNN: Men’s Reset Day”, a day of activities dedicated to encouraging men to access mental health services and overcome the stigma of discussing their mental well-being. The event seeks to bring awareness to the mental health services available for men and promote positive mental health practices through the Action for Happiness’ 10 Keys to Happier Living.

“MeNN: Men’s Reset Day” will be held in Delapré Abbey’s tranquil Walled Garden, and will feature a barbecue, engaging talks, a workshop on nutrition, and activities such as ice baths and breathwork sessions. These activities are designed to encourage men to open up about their mental health in a supportive environment.

Dr. David Smart, Trustee at Delapré Abbey and Chair of Action for Happiness Northants Hub, who was recently voted West Northants International Men’s Role Model for 2023, will be a key speaker at the event. In his acceptance speech, Dr. Smart emphasised, “Stigma kills and self-compassion saves,” highlighting the critical need for men to engage in open conversations about their mental health.

To further support this cause, Dr. Smart is embarking on a 1,460-mile cycle challenge, symbolising the year of the Battle of Northampton. This challenge aims to raise funds for Action for Happiness Northants Hub and Delapré Wellbeing and will conclude before World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th.

Dr. David Smart added, “Men’s mental health is often overlooked due to societal pressures and stigma. This event is about creating a safe space for men to talk, share, and support one another.

Partners for the event include Space To Talk and Minderful, with military veterans Pete Spink and Matthew Bushell joining Dr. Smart. All three have personal experiences with mental health challenges requiring medical and psychological treatments, and they are united in their mission to share their stories and resources with others.

Men often react differently to distress than women, with a tendency towards substance misuse and aggression. The stigma surrounding mental health can prevent men from talking, sharing, and managing their distress in healthier ways. “MeNN: Men’s Reset Day” is a vital step towards breaking down these barriers and fostering a community where men feel empowered to seek help and support.

Delapré Abbey is committed to developing a well-being hub to promote positive mental health across Northamptonshire and beyond. The proposed new Wellbeing Hub in the Abbey’s 19th century stables will work with a variety of partners to provide continuous support and resources.

MeNN: Men’s Reset Day will take place on Saturday 6th July between 9am and 4pm. Limited tickets are available, so early registration is encouraged. Tickets cost £20 per person and can purchased here. All proceeds from the event will be donated to male-centred programmes.