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Hear from our Volunteers

This Volunteers Week 2021 we asked some of our volunteers to share their favourite moments from their time at Delapré.


Favourite things about volunteering at Delapré Abbey.

“Entertaining, engaging and interacting with our visitors and having good fun, whilst sharing the story of Delapré Abbey and Northampton. I enjoy the variety of showing people around, taking the Abbey out to local groups (talks) and having fun during event days.”

“I enjoy meeting lots of different people, other volunteers, the staff team and the visitors.  I enjoy talking to other volunteers and staff because I am always learning something new and I enjoy introducing the Abbey to visitors as there is so much interesting history to tell them.”


Funny and interesting stories / moments.

“The Moving Portrait: whilst stopping in the library with a group of visitors, I was asked about ghost stories. As I was claiming that there were no spirits running around inside the Abbey, at that very moment, the oval shaped portrait of the military gentleman sitting above the bookshelves, rolled over on to its side. The visitors gasped and I jumped out of my skin!! Hilarious!”

“I always like to dress up and have had plenty of opportunity in my volunteer role.  From a Victorian maid to Victorian lady to ghost of a Housekeeper to Mrs Christmas.  It was lovely at Christmas with all the decorations and enjoying seeing the children with their families and their reaction to the stories.”


Recommending Volunteering at the Abbey.

“I would say that Volunteering at Delapré broadens your horizons, expands your knowledge of history in your locality and brings you into a likeminded group of individuals who eventually become friends (certainly did for me anyway!)

This is a very enjoyable environment to volunteer in.  The people are friendly the House and grounds are beautiful and there is a wide variety of roles that can be done.  There are benefits like the Summer and Christmas get togethers and there have been some great outings with other volunteers including a visit to Bletchley Park and Longford Castle.”


Many thanks to Rebecca and Bill for sharing their thoughts and to all of our volunteers for all of their contribution to Delapré Abbey!