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Importance Of A Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important days of your life. To commit your heart and soul to another person in front of your family and closest friends is an incredibly special event. It seems like there are a million different choices that need to be made in the lead-up to a wedding, but one of the most important is the venue:

Finding The Right Location

Whether you want a small minimalist ceremony or a lavish fairytale event, finding the right location is an integral part of making your day everything you want it to be. The importance of hiring the perfect venue for your wedding, vow renewal, or civil ceremony should not be overlooked.

The venue you choose is far more than the bricks and mortar of the building itself, but it plays a huge part in creating a day that you and your guests will never forget. At Delapré Abbey, our friendly and professional team can provide you with a bespoke wedding service. Hiring the Abbey also gives you an unforgettable venue with unique character and history you won’t want to miss out on.

Hiring A Venue

When looking to hire a wedding venue, there are some aspects of it you will need to consider. When there are so many other decisions to be made, it’s easy to overlook things. Fear not, we’re here to give you some tips on what to look for to make your day a little bit less stressful.

The first thing your venue needs to do is set the tone for the day. The place not only needs to be able to accommodate your guests, but it also needs to create an atmosphere that fits with your own style. You may not have decided on the kind of wedding you’re having, but the venue itself will only go so far towards helping you create the mood. Think about things like the lighting (both natural and artificial), the flow of people as they move around, colour schemes and how you can personalise the decor. Choosing the right options is crucial to create the perfect venue beyond just its location.

Of course, the venue itself is only part of the package. The food and drink is so important and [AH1] can make your wedding be everything you want it to be. Whether the venue is catering or you are bringing in your own food, understanding their food and drink policy is an important question to ask any venue. The menu can vary wildly from venue to venue, so you need one that aligns with your idea of the perfect wedding meal. Visit our wedding page to find out more about the catering options that we offer here at Delapré Abbey.

Weddings at Delapré Abbey

At Delapré Abbey, one thing we offer that not many other venues can is truly beautiful backdrops for your wedding photographs. Like our walled garden, parkland, grand staircase, and Victorian tiled hallway. As well as the Abbey’s distinguished courtyard.

We want to add unique, exclusive aspects to each part of your wedding day. From your wedding breakfast to civil ceremony arrangements. We also offer rooms for the bridal party to get ready for the big moment. Enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbly while getting ready with your friends and family.

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Special Day

As much as you want your wedding to ensure all your guests enjoy themselves, the fact is that a wedding should be about just two people, those who are committing themselves to each other. The memories you create on the day will last a whole lot longer than the food or the ambience. The perfect wedding venue is one where everyone can create lasting memories.

The decor of the building and where it’s located can play a part in this too. An idyllic setting will look amazing in photos and period buildings are full of interesting angles ready to capture a moment in time that will last forever.

No one ever said choosing a venue would be easy. And if you have a long list to review, then they all start to blur together after a while. But when you find it. When you find that place where you can picture yourself tying the knot, then you’ll both know it and your perfect day will build from there.

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