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Local waste management company supports sustainability at Delapré Abbey

Local waste management company supports sustainability at Delapré Abbey

A partnership between Northampton’s historic Delapré Abbey and Cawleys has significantly improved recycling and sustainability for the Abbey.

Committed to enhancing recycling and sustainability, Delapré Abbey, one of Northampton’s historic landmarks, has joined forces with Cawleys, the region’s leading independent waste management company.

Northampton’s hidden treasure Delapré Abbey draws visitors from across the UK seeking to immerse themselves in its rich history, picturesque surroundings, award-winning dining, and sprawling 500 acres of parkland.

Eager to improve recycling of the waste generated by the high visitor footfall and seasonal events, the Abbey embarked on a partnership with Cawleys to help achieve their sustainability strategy objectives.

Amanda Nicols-Polinska, Head of Commercial and Operations, Delapré Abbey explained: “Keen to increase our recycling rate and explore innovative waste management solutions for food waste, we partnered with Cawleys in 2023.

Since working together, we have witnessed substantial improvements in our recycling rate for visitor waste, which has increased to 53%. This positive shift is attributed to the strategic placement of specialty bins for different waste types and the implementation of clear signage.

Amanda added: “We are also delighted with the implementation of Cawleys innovative solution to our high volume of food waste, generated from our popular onsite restaurant and café, and are now working together to further increase recycling across the parkland.”

Phil Gudgeon, Managing Director, Cawleys said: “In addition to enhancing waste segregation across the site and supporting various events, we have introduced our specialist food waste recycling service for anaerobic digestion- a much greener alternative to landfill which converts food waste into green energy used by The National Grid. In the last six months the Abbey’s food waste has generated energy equivalent to 162 kettles boiled for 1 hour!

We look forward to continuing to support Delaprè Abbey and their commitment to sustainability and preservation of this beautiful visitor attraction.