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Meet our Christmas Fair Stallholders

Over the next week, we will be showcasing some of our lovely Christmas Fair stallholders. Today, learn more about Feathery and Fine, Ruthies Home Comforts, Decollartage, MJG Jewellery and Zuche Boutique as they share their wide variety of hats, scarfs, bags, ponchos and more that will be available this weekend!

Meet Ruthie’s Home Comforts

Ruth Scotford, of Ruthie’s Home Comforts is excited to be returning to our Christmas Fair with a new charitable range of products…

“Delapré Abbey is local to me and a beautiful heritage building right in the heart of the town. It was so wonderful last year to actually see people again at the fair, I’m looking forward to being part of this wonderful occasion again and to meet lovely people who are looking for that special gift. I’ll be selling handbags, hats, scarves, gloves and gifts. 

New this year will be The New ‘Lua’ gifting range which includes beautiful wildlife glasses cases, make up cases, coin purses etc which 10% of all sales goes to ‘re-wilding Britain’ to help with the bees, butterflies and other wildlife. And boxed bamboo socks for hedgehog lovers, bee lovers and stripes and cycles for the men and lots more.”

Meet DeCollartage

Wendy Roberts, owner of DeCollartage, could not be more excited to return to showcase her crafty products this Christmas…

“The way Delapré Abbey organised last year’s Christmas Fair was incredible and it was such a successful event with an amazing footfall. I’m really looking forward to returning this year and meeting fellow crafters and new guests. Not to mention the setting of the historic rooms is wonderful for the imagination. 

I’ll be selling decorative cowl necks, scarves, 1920’s hats and pompom hats that I have made myself. Each year I design a new scarf/cowl neck so there will be something new for customers to try as well as my new bowl cozys. I also source my material from other small businesses in order to help within the community.”

Meet Feathery and Fine

After spending 30 years walking the grounds of Delapré Abbey, owner of Feathery and Fine, Pauline Moore, makes her first showcase at our Christmas Fair…

“About 3 years ago, I purchased a hat pin from eBay for my own hat and thought “I could do that” so I did. I started making a few for friends and family and they were such a hit, so I set up a Facebook page which now has over 1700 followers. I’m so excited to be exhibiting at the Delapré Abbey, it’s the most beautiful setting and the perfect venue for a Christmas Fair.”

My unique gifts…

“I love to make matching sets of hat feathers and scarves as well as matching feather pins for customers to pin to their tweed jackets etc. I also do a lot of commissions which have been very popular. I absolutely love what I do and seeing my products come together – I wish I had begun my business years ago.  

I collect naturally moulted feathers that are peacock, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl and anything else that I find on my walks. I learnt that feathers are unique, I know not all people agree with using them, but my theory is that they are far too beautiful to be thrown in a bin.

I also plan to make more fascinations; I have made some feather wreaths and hopefully some Christmas feather baubles for the fair.”

Meet MJG Jewellery

Michael Grant, owner of MJG Jewellery could not be more excited to kickstart the Christmas season by making his first debut at the Delapre Abbey Christmas Fair…

What I’m most looking forward to…

“How could I not be excited for the Delapré Abbey Christmas Fair? It’s my first Christmas fair and it’s exactly four weeks before Christmas. This is surely when the countdown to Christmas begins and who doesn’t look forward to that? 

This will be my first Christmas fair of any kind. I’m excited to see buyers actively looking for gifts for friends and family. I’m still learning about presenting my stand but it will shine with silver. If you want three or more similar necklaces for granddaughters, I’ve got them.”

What’s special about my jewellery?

“I started selling jewellery on eBay, Etsy, Facebook, occasionally on Nextdoor and at a local vintage and collectibles fair. I sell some used and vintage items of silver and semi-precious jewellery but most of my stock is new unused silver. My supplier is based in Leamington Spa and everything is factory made. 

I sell necklaces, with and without pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and bangles as well as some beautiful shiny sets. I also have brooches and pendants and even something for men. All good value and all priced to sell. Perfect for secret Santa, for friends, relatives and for someone special.”

Meet Zuche Boutique

Lisa Greener of Zuche Boutique is kicking off the Christmas season by exhibiting at our Christmas Fair.

“The Delapré Abbey Christmas Fair marks the beginning of the Christmas season, a time of year that I love. It’s such a wonderful community event, in a beautiful, historic setting, I’m really looking forward to being part of the festivities.  

Zuche Boutique is a ladies’ fashion and accessories retailer that is going from strength to strength. I’ll be selling a special winter range as well as my classics such as dresses, sweatshirts, ponchos, wraps, gloves, hats, jumpers, scarves and jewellery. My best seller is the Italian leather tassel bag with additional colourful straps, there really is a wide range to choose from.”