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Married Couple at Delapre Abbey

Plan Your Wedding This New Year With These Countryside Wedding Top Tips

If you’re tying the knot in 2020, firstly, congratulations! What a great way to start a new decade! 

As you may know by now, you can never do enough wedding planning. If you’re considering a countryside wedding, there are more than a few things you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure everything goes off as planned. These are a few wedding tips you may want to keep in mind on your journey to the aisle.


Wedding Planning Tips

Choose a Unique Wedding Venue

Here at Delapré Abbey, we’ve helped lovebirds across the nation tie the knot. Our unique wedding venue in Northampton has hosted plenty of couples who loved the idea of having a countryside wedding. 

While many people may immediately think of a forest or converted barn when considering a countryside wedding, Delapré Abbey offers a fantastic area, distinctive architecture along with a natural setting. Unlike other unique wedding venues in Northamptonshire, Delapré Abbey has experience in hosting amazing weddings making it a great option for anyone seeking a beautiful wedding venue.


Choose a Venue That has Everything

One of the biggest wedding top tips we can offer is to look for a venue that has you covered. What we mean by this is look for a venue that offers you all the rooms and staging you and your partner want. Consider a wedding venue with gardens if you want to head outdoors. Make sure to choose a countryside wedding venue that has a party and function room for guests to relax in as well after the ceremony.

Bride and Groom at Delapré Abbey

Choose a Beautiful Venue

A wedding venue does so much more than just serve a purpose. The perfect wedding venue is somewhere that is beautiful to look at and has an incredible atmosphere. There are other countryside wedding venues that have stately homes and rolling acres of greenery to explore and enjoy. However, none compare to the atmosphere and unique charm of Delapré Abbey. There is no better place to stage your wedding photos than in front of the Abbey.


Choose Helpful Wedding Staff

Wedding coordination is key no matter how small your event may be. This means you need to ensure you have a helpful team ready to roll with any unexpected issues that pop up at any nuptials. One of the best wedding tips for couples approaching the big day is to find a helpful, passionate team who can ensure you have nothing to worry about on your big day.


Don’t Panic!

Our final top tip is not to panic! Whether you are looking for a unique wedding venue in Northampton, or want help setting up a countryside wedding, there are ways and means – don’t panic! Get in touch with our team who can help you get married in the glorious British countryside. 


Here at Delapré Abbey, we love nothing more than to help happy couples tie the knot on their big day. Get in touch with our team today on 01604 866712, if you’d like to know more about our weddings at Delapré Abbey and how we can help you.