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Small Conversations about Grief to be Held in Northampton this Summer

Delapré Abbey and Fevered Sleep have partnered for the second year running on a project that will invite people to think, talk and learn about grief. The project, titled “This Grief Thing,” aims to make grief visible and encourage conversations about the topic, which is often considered taboo.

This Grief Thing is a series of small, free group conversations about grief that are open to all. They are for people who have experienced grief and for people who haven’t. The sessions will be an inclusive space where any age, gender, race, faith, or disability is welcome. Participants can share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences. People are also welcome to just be present if they don’t wish to talk.

The project is part of Delapré Abbey’s wellbeing programme and is funded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation. The events will be held at various locations across Northamptonshire from May 25th onwards, with each session lasting a maximum of 90 mins.

These grief gatherings are invaluable for our community, offering a safe space where people can openly share their grief, find comfort among kindred spirits, and gain strength from one another. It’s been humbling to witness the powerful impact of breaking the silence and stigma surrounding grief,” said Yasmin Keenan, Community Engagement Officer at Delapré Abbey.

Meet the hosts:
Laura Graham – Laura Graham is a freelance writer and content creator based in Northampton. In 2009, she lost her mum to breast cancer, a loss that changed her life and taught her about the complexities of grief. She hopes that “This Grief Thing” will enable participants to feel connected and seen by their community.

David Bowden – David Bowden, also known as Word Guerrilla, is a poet, performer, educator and creative facilitator. He believes that grief is ever-present and can be challenging to make sense of and adapt to. Dave wants to facilitate “This Grief Thing” to help others understand the experience, giving them a space to articulate how they think and feel about the process of grieving and help others adapt to the experience of grief.

Lisa Lovett – During the pandemic, after suffering breast cancer and a stroke, family estrangement, and losing her home and job, Lisa found ways to support her physical and mental health through doing what she loves. She started painting portraits and creating sculptures again to develop wellbeing, motor skills and concentration. She settled into a new home, rebuilt her arts business, began teaching again and continues to develop her own arts practice. The topic of grief, in some form, has arisen in every workshop she has run. Lisa is excited to be part of this programme and is looking forward to creating safe spaces for the community.

Dates and locations:
Thu 25th May, 2-3:30pm, Umbrella Fair
Mon 5th June, 6:30-8pm, Saints Coffee
Thu 15th June, 2-3:30pm, Umbrella Fair
Sat 24th June, 2-3:30pm, Delapré Abbey
Mon 10th July, 6:30pm-8pm, Saints Coffee
Thu 13th July, 2-3:30pm, Umbrella Fair
Sat 29th July, 2-3:30pm, Delapré Abbey

Booking is required, and the spaces are limited to a maximum of 12 people per session. To book or find out more information visit