Do you love history, the outdoors and meeting new people? If so, why not join our friendly and enthusiastic team of volunteers.

From being a tour guide around the Abbey, to helping with our events and functions or keeping the gardens in tip-top condition, there are plenty of inspiring and fulfilling volunteering opportunities at Delapré Abbey.

Why should I volunteer at Delapré Abbey?

The benefits of volunteering at Delapré Abbey are wide ranging and extremely satisfying.

Not only will you be able to learn and contribute your knowledge, passion and skills to tasks which help you and the Abbey grow, but you’ll also meet new people, engage with visitors and know that you’re part of something special.

We fully support all volunteers in their roles. So whether you’re looking to develop skills, build confidence or just want to give something back, Delapré Abbey is a great place for you.

We look forward to welcoming you.

What could I get involved in?

There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities for you to get involved with at Delapré Abbey. Here is just a selection of the roles:

  • Tour guide – Providing friendly and knowledgeable tours of the Abbey
  • Front of House volunteer – Supporting our Visitor Welcome Team
  • Learning volunteer – Assisting with educational activities on site such as school visits or informal events such as parties
  • Event volunteer – Supporting the extensive programme of events
  • Maintenance volunteer – Helping maintain the building and facilities
  • Garden volunteer – Keeping the Walled Garden and Outer Gardens in tip-top condition
  • Research volunteer – Continuing the development of our knowledge and understanding of the history of the Abbey and its people

…and many more.

What’s the next step towards volunteering?

It’s easy and simple – just send us an email or give us a phone call to say what role you might be interested in getting involved with. We’ll put your details into our volunteer register and then invite you along to a Volunteer Welcome Day.

Our Volunteer Welcome Days are held twice a year so that a whole new group of volunteers can start together. At this event, you will find out all about Delapré Abbey, its history, and the role opportunities. You’ll also get a chance to speak to staff and ask any questions you have before completing our volunteer form.

So don’t hesitate: get in touch today – we’d love to welcome you to the team.

Tel: 01604 760817          Email: info@delapreabbey.org