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A house and grounds alive with the possibilities of the present, surrounded by echoes of the past.

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From outdoor theatre in the summer to tea with Santa at Christmas, Delapré Abbey is a perfect setting for a packed programme of exciting and varied events for everyone to enjoy. Explore the events calendar, catch up on our latest news or find out about our community projects …

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Explore the tantalising puzzle that is Delapré Abbey – mysterious views, eccentric architecture and 900 years of storytelling set within beautiful gardens for all to enjoy. Plan your day, check opening times and accessibility, consider the café and restaurant menus or book advance tickets …

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Delapré Abbey is a place for the curious – delve deeper and discover its many layers of interesting architecture, amazing history and community devotion for yourself. Learn more about the history of Delapré Abbey and its restoration, find out how you can get involved with volunteering or share your visit with us…

For 900 years, Delapré Abbey has occupied this site in Northampton. The Abbey has witnessed royalty, battles and intrigue, technological innovations, world wars and dissolution. In the 1990s, Delapré began a quiet descent into dilapidation and ruin. The rooms were closed, the windows were shuttered and walls began to crumble as the stories and memories of the past dissolved to dust with them.

Now, four years after the culmination of a vital restoration programme, the Abbey is alive again, breathing new life into the stories of yesteryear, creating fresh memories and inviting you in to learn the secrets ingrained in the fabric of the Abbey.

Over 100 volunteers and supporters have worked alongside staff, conservators and craftspeople over the last 3 years to bring the Abbey back to life and ensure that it continues to be a vibrant community hub offering learning facilities as well a sustainable wedding and functions venue all set within beautiful gardens and public parkland.

As a Grade II* listed building, Delapré Abbey is within the top eight per cent of heritage properties in the UK, and is one of just 46 sites listed by Historic England as a registered battlefield.

Inside the Abbey there are 5 different, interactive storytelling zones to discover which reveal the fascinating history of the building from its life as a nunnery, witnessing the events of the Battle of Northampton unfold, to its heyday as a scandal-ridden Victorian country home.

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