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Free Annual Pass for local residents

Delapré Abbey is yours to explore.

We reopen the doors to the house on Thursday 20th May 2021. Come inside and explore 900 years of exciting and turbulent history – all for free.

Thanks to support from the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport’s Culture Recovery Fund and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we’re delighted to offer all households in the Delapre and Briar Hill ward* an Annual Pass for the next year.

Discover the Abbey’s intriguing past – from its origins as a Cluniac nunnery, heyday as a country house, and its time as the Record Office before the recent restoration. The grounds are also home to the award-winning restaurant, Hibiscus, The Orangery café and new deli Common Ground.

Your safe visit
The safety of visitors, volunteers and staff is a key priority to the Abbey team and we are proud to be part of Visit Britain’s Good to Go scheme, which means you can visit safe in the knowledge that we adhere to government and industry COVID-19 guidelines.

Register for an Annual Pass
To register for an Annual Pass, please fill out all the details below including your full address and postcode. We’ll then check that you’re eligible and be in touch to confirm that your pass is ready to collect from Delapré Abbey. All passes will be available to collect from Thursday 20th May on days that the house is open for general admission. Please wait for an email from us before collecting.

– Please note that this offer is for your household only and is non-transferable.
– Each individual aged 18 and over in their household must apply for their own Annual Pass and will be asked to provide photo ID and proof of address (a utility bill, driving license etc) to obtain their pass.
– Tickets to visit using an Annual Pass must be pre-booked at


Cannon Being Fired at an Historical Event at Delapré Abbey
History Alive! 2019. Photo: Purple Cat Photography

Your Annual Pass benefits include
• Unlimited free admission to Delapré Abbey on days when we’re open for tours from 20th May 2021 until 19th May 2022.
• Free admission for under 18s (excluding educational or group visits)
• Priority booking for selected events

We’re open for chaperoned tours on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays between 11am and 5pm. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on or telephone 01604 760871.

We hope to see you soon!

Terms and conditions
1. Annual Pass holders are entitled to unlimited free admission to Delapré Abbey during normal opening for 12 months from the date of purchase. (Free admission will not apply to any pre-booked or ticketed events and some special events may attract a fee).
2. Passes must be presented in person at the Visitor Welcome on each visit when an entry ticket for the day will be issued. If you arrive at Delapré Abbey without your Annual Pass, you will be asked to pay the normal admission, and this will not be refunded.
3. Passes are valid for one year and are not automatically renewed. The expiry date of each Pass is written on it and the Pass will not be valid for use after this date. You will be contacted approx. one month before expiry of the Pass with regard to renewal.
4. Some activities available at Delapré Abbey may incur an additional charge for both regular visitors and Annual Pass holders. Such activities may include (but are not limited to) face painting, craft activities & activity trails.
5. The Abbey occasionally closes for private events or maintenance. Closure dates will be publicised on the website in advance where possible.
6. The full name and contact details of the Annual Pass holder must be supplied. These details will be held by Delapré Abbey for the duration of the Pass. For more information about the collection and use of your personal data, please see our privacy notice at
7. Annual Passes are not transferable to any other person and must only be used by the named holder and cannot be sold or exchanged. Your Annual Pass must be kept securely and is invalid if altered or tampered with. Staff will always verify the identity of the pass holder prior to admission by asking for proof of identity (ID must feature the Annual Pass holder’s name and signature, for example, a debit or credit card). The Pass remains the property of Delapré Abbey.
8. A charge will apply for replacement of any lost or stolen Annual Pass tickets. If lost, your Annual Pass may be replaced upon notification to the Delapré Abbey Preservation Trust and payment of an administration fee of £5. The replacement Pass will carry the same expiry date as the original, which will no longer be valid. No refunds can be made on Annual Passes.
9. Children up to and including the age of 18 do not require annual passes as general entry is free for this age group. Children under 15 visiting the Abbey must be accompanied by an adult.
10. An Annual Pass may not be used for group or educational visits, for business use or any other discounts.
11. Delapré Abbey Preservation Trust reserves the right to make changes to the scheme at any time without notice, to refuse admission and to withdraw cards.

*Eligible postcodes
NN1 5PA, NN1 5PH, NN4 7BS, NN4 7DU, NN4 7HW, NN4 8AA, NN4 8AF, NN4 8AG, NN4 8AH, NN4 8AJ, NN4 8AL, NN4 8AN, NN4 8AP, NN4 8AQ, NN4 8AR, NN4 8AS, NN4 8AT, NN4 8AU, NN4 8AW, NN4 8AX, NN4 8AY, NN4 8AZ, NN4 8BA, NN4 8BB, NN4 8BD, NN4 8BJ, NN4 8BL, NN4 8BP, NN4 8BS, NN4 8BT, NN4 8BU, NN4 8BX, NN4 8BY, NN4 8BZ, NN4 8DA, NN4 8DB, NN4 8DE, NN4 8DG, NN4 8DJ, NN4 8DL, NN4 8DN, NN4 8DP, NN4 8DQ, NN4 8DR, NN4 8DS, NN4 8DT, NN4 8DU, NN4 8DW, NN4 8DX, NN4 8DY, NN4 8DZ, NN4 8EA, NN4 8EB, NN4 8ED, NN4 8EE, NN4 8EL, NN4 8EN, NN4 8EQ, NN4 8ES, NN4 8ET, NN4 8EU, NN4 8EX, NN4 8EY, NN4 8EZ, NN4 8FQ, NN4 8GA, NN4 8GB, NN4 8GD, NN4 8GE, NN4 8GG, NN4 8GH, NN4 8GJ, NN4 8GL, NN4 8GN, NN4 8GP, NN4 8GR, NN4 8GS, NN4 8GT, NN4 8HA, NN4 8HB, NN4 8HD, NN4 8HE, NN4 8HF, NN4 8HJ, NN4 8HN, NN4 8HP, NN4 8HQ, NN4 8HS, NN4 8HT, NN4 8HU, NN4 8HX, NN4 8HY, NN4 8HZ, NN4 8JA, NN4 8JB, NN4 8JD, NN4 8JE, NN4 8JF, NN4 8JG, NN4 8JH, NN4 8JJ, NN4 8JL, NN4 8JN, NN4 8JP, NN4 8JQ, NN4 8JR, NN4 8JS, NN4 8JT, NN4 8JU, NN4 8JW, NN4 8JX, NN4 8JY, NN4 8JZ, NN4 8LA, NN4 8LB, NN4 8LD, NN4 8LE, NN4 8LF, NN4 8LG, NN4 8LH, NN4 8LJ, NN4 8LL, NN4 8LN, NN4 8LP, NN4 8LQ, NN4 8LR, NN4 8LS, NN4 8LT, NN4 8LU, NN4 8LW, NN4 8LX, NN4 8LY, NN4 8LZ, NN4 8NA, NN4 8NB, NN4 8ND, NN4 8NE, NN4 8NF, NN4 8NG, NN4 8NH, NN4 8NJ, NN4 8NL, NN4 8NN, NN4 8NP, NN4 8NQ, NN4 8NR, NN4 8NS, NN4 8NT, NN4 8NU, NN4 8NW, NN4 8NX, NN4 8NY, NN4 8ZZ, NN4 8PA, NN4 8PB, NN4 8PD, NN4 8PE, NN4 8PF, NN4 8PG, NN4 8PH, NN4 8PJ, NN4 8PL, NN4 8PN, NN4 8PP, NN4 8PQ, NN4 8PR, NN4 8PS, NN4 8PT, NN4 8PU, NN4 8PW, NN4 8PX, NN4 8PY, NN4 8PZ, NN4 8QA, NN4 8QB, NN4 8QD, NN4 8QE, NN4 8QF, NN4 8QG, NN4 8QH, NN4 8QJ, NN4 8QL,NN4 8QN, NN4 8QP, NN4 8QQ, NN4 8QR, NN4 8QS, NN4 8QT, NN4 8QU, NN4 8QW, NN4 8QX, NN4 8QY, NN4 8QZ, NN4 8RA, NN4 8RB, NN4 8RD, NN4 8RE, NN4 8RF, NN4 8RG, NN4 8RH, NN4 8RJ, NN4 8RL, NN4 8RN, NN4 8RP, NN4 8RQ, NN4 8RR, NN4 8RS, NN4 8RT, NN4 8RU, NN4 8RX, NN4 8RY, NN4 8RZ, NN4 8SA, NN4 8SD, NN4 8SE, NN4 8SF, NN4 8SG, NN4 8SH, NN4 8SJ, NN4 8SL, NN4 8SN, NN4 8SP, NN4 8SQ, NN4 8SR, NN4 8SS, NN4 8ST, NN4 8SU, NN4 8SW, NN4 8SX, NN4 8SY, NN4 8SZ, NN4 8TA, NN4 8TB, NN4 8TD, NN4 8TE, NN4 8TF, NN4 8TG, NN4 8TH, NN4 8TJ, NN4 8TL, NN4 8TN, NN4 8TP, NN4 8TQ, NN4 8TR, NN4 8TS, NN4 8TT, NN4 8TU, NN4 8TW, NN4 8TY, NN4 8TZ, NN4 8UA, NN4 8UJ, NN4 8UN, NN4 8UQ, NN4 8US, NN4 8UX